We Supply & Fit Shop and Patio Awnings in Newcastle

Do you want to enjoy your outdoor space without overheating or being burnt? Experience the outdoors in comfort with a retractable awning.

Made in Britain, our range of awnings are suitable for different types of properties and requirements. Whether you’re looking for a patio awning for your home so you can sit outside in the shade or you’re looking for an awning for your shop front to provide window shoppers and your display protection from the sun’s rays, we have an awning to suit you.

Constructed from premium materials, our awnings are made to the highest quality so you can be assured that any awning you purchase off Sovereign Awnings in Newcastle will be fit for purpose.

With our bespoke, personal service, Sovereign Awnings are the preferred choice for homeowners and business owners looking for awnings in Newcastle for their garden or commercial premises.

Choose from a variety of styles and fabrics for your awning to suit your tastes. With such a wide choice of fabric colours and patterns, we’re sure to supply the perfect awning for your needs.

Once you’ve decided on your awning, you have the choice of purchasing it as ‘supply only’ and fitting it yourself or you can opt for our fitting service where our experienced team of professionals will attend your property and fit your awning for you.

All of our awnings come with a 5 year guarantee so you can be assured of purchasing the best quality when dealing with Sovereign Awnings. Not only that, we also offer a dedicated aftersales service so if you experience any issues with your awning or simply need to ask a question, we’re only a phone call away.

Enjoy The Outdoors With A Garden Awning in Newcastle

We love summer and the warmth it brings but we understand how uncomfortable it can be if sitting out in the sunshine for too long. A patio awning for your garden can provide the shade you need to enjoy sitting outdoors but without the discomfort of being burned overheating.

Many people opt for awnings in Newcastle for their garden as they can extend and retract it whenever they need it, either with a winder they can use manually or with a flick of a switch. We can even fit remote control operators should you require so you can operate your awning without leaving your seat. For those who truly want a ‘hands-off’ experience, our weather sensor option will automatically extend the awning in the sunshine and retract it in the wind or rain to protect the awning.

With an awning extended out to its full projection, you can enjoy the outdoors with family or friends in comfort. We can even fit an outdoor heater should you decide to entertain guests well into the evening.

Stand Out From The Crowd With Commercial Awnings in Newcastle

A wide range of businesses opt for commercial awnings in Newcastle for their premises. Whether it’s a shop front awning for their business to help protect their window display from being degraded by the sun or a shelter for customers to browse easier in the shade, awnings are an investment well worth making.

We often fit awnings for cafes, pubs and restaurants who’s customers like to dine al fresco in the summer. An awning provides the shelter and shade to allow the customer to enjoy their meal without discomfort from sitting in the sun.

We tend to fit awnings to the wall of your property but we can also create bespoke freestanding solutions, which are ideal if you want to have an awning in the middle of a seating area, away from the property.

Florists, butchers and jewellery shops are all examples of the types of businesses who opt for shop awnings.

With our sign writing service, you can even stand out from the crowd with you logo, phone number, website or other contact details printed on the awning fabric and its valance. This is sure to catch the eyes of not just passers-by on foot but also those driving past in their car.

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