Balcony Awnings Fitted Across The UK

Situated on the upper floor of a house or apartment building, a balcony is often somewhere to sit and enjoy the outdoors during the summer months with patio doors leading out onto it. However, without any shade, sitting on a balcony can become uncomfortable very quickly meaning you may have to retreat indoors to ensure you don't risk overheating in the sun.

At Sovereign Awnings, we want you to be able to enjoy your balcony area in comfort which is why we supply a range of balcony awnings to provide shade and cover when you need it most.

Choose from a variety of styles, including non-cassette, half-cassette and full cassette awnings, to find the perfect balcony canopy for your property. With a number of fabrics, patterns and colours to choose from, you will be sure to find the awning to suit your property. We can even supply our balcony awnings with a weather sensor so that they extend and retract automatically in the sun, wind and rain, without you having to lift a finger.

Sovereign Awnings supply and fit balcony awnings in the UK, with all awnings provided with a 5 year guarantee and dedicated after-sales service, should you have any questions about your awning. Our team are always happy to help and advise on the best solution and type of awning for your balcony.

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Penthouse Balcony Awning Fitted in London

As awning professionals, we often create bespoke solutions to ensure our customers can enjoy one of our awnings fitted at their home. We can overcome most challenges, even if that means fitting an awning on the upper balcony on the top floor of a townhouse!

One of our most logistically-challenging jobs required the use of a crane to transfer the awning to the penthouse suite balcony of a townhouse in London. Once the items were delivered to the top floor, we were then able to fit this beautiful Bobcat awning, extending over the balcony, to provide the much-needed shade for the outdoor seating area.