We Supply & Fit Butterfly Awnings in UK

If you run a pub or restaurant and wish to have freestanding awnings on your property that can provide the shade and coverage required for a large number of people, then out butterfly awning solution is for you.

A butterfly awning is an awning system with a fabric canopy that extends and retracts on both sides of the cassette, like a double-sided awning. When the remote control is used, both sides of the awning extended at the same time, acting as one, providing the butterfly wing effect

Traditionally, butterfly awnings which work off a single system are quite expensive to purchase and fit, however, at Sovereign Awnings, we have devised an alternative system that provides the same coverage and effect as the traditional butterfly awning but at a fraction of the cost.

Our freestanding butterfly awnings work in the same way, except where a traditional butterfly awning is one awning functioning on either side, ours are two awnings places back-to-back. The awnings are then synchronised so that they are operated as one with the remote conrol, giving the shade and coverage required and expected from a butterfly awning.

Our butterfly awnings systems are ideal for those with larger gardens looking for a substantially covered area. They're also the perfect solution for businesses with outdoor eating areas or beer gardens thanks to its ability to provide shade for a large space.

If you're interested in a butterfly awning for your business, get in contact with out team today.