Cougar Awnings

Our top of the range Cougar awning is a full cassette folding-arm awning which is perfect for large garden patios and design-focused commercial properties and businesses.

The fully enclosed cassette system protects the awning from dust, rain and the outside elements when retracted, allowing for an extended life of the awning over half cassette and non-cassette awnings.

The Cougar awning is constructed using top quality materials and features a corrosion resistant, powder coated, extruded aluminium hardware and stainless steel components. 4 x 4mm tear resistant steel cables are sheathed in a highly flexible plastic material to protect against corrosion and damage.

The Cougar awning is ideal for sun protection due to its vertical valance that can be fitted retrospectively. Fitted with an additional hand crank, the variable valance can be extended up to 1.6 metres for extra protection and shade.

Our superior Cougar awnings without a variable valance can withstand wind speeds of up to 48 kilometres per hour, even at full projection. Cougar awnings with a variable valance set at a projection up to and including 2.5 metres can resist winds up to 48km/h, whilst an increased projection over 2.5 metres can withstand a fresh breeze of 37km/h.

The Cougar awning can be operated both manually by winder or electronically using a switch or wireless remote control.

Cougar awnings are available up to 7 metres in width and anywhere from 1.5 metres to 4 metres in projection.

The awning can be pitched between 0° and 45° allowing for optimum sun protection when in use

Wind sensors are available as an optional extra and are highly recommended. Wind sensors can detect vibrations and will auto retract the awning if the wind levels are deemed to be too high for the awning to withstand.

Like all our awnings, the Cougar awning is CE tested and is crafted using corrosive resistant materials and coatings in the UK. The Couger awning is also TUV quality marked and complies with CEN standards.

Cougar restaurant awning
The Cougar awning is suitable for businesses such as restaurants and cafes (The Bubble Room, Alderley Edge).
Puma Awning retracted
Cougar full-cassette awning system fully enclosed when retracted
Projection of Puma Awning
Cougar awning projection

Made in the UK