Bobcat Awnings

Made in Britain, the Bobcat Awning is our entry-level premium, full-cassette awning and is suitable for smaller commercial properties, from high street shop fronts to cafes. it is also ideal for domestic use, such as positioning above your patio, looking out onto your garden.

The fully enclosed cassette system means the awning is protected from the weather, dust and rain when retracted, allowing for an extended life of the awning over lesser covered cassette awnings.

The Bobcat awning can be operated both manually by winder or electronically using a switch or wireless remote control. It is equipped as standard with a mechanical gearbox RTS Somfy motor.

Bobcat awnings are available up to 4.5 metres in width and anywhere from 1.5 metres to 2.5 metres in projection. It can be pitched between 0° and 66° allowing for optimum sun protection when in use.

The Bobcat awning has the option to be face-fixed or top-fixed to your property, offering flexibility for your home or business.

Wind sensors are available as an optional extra and are highly recommended. Wind sensors can detect vibrations and will auto retract the awning if the wind levels deem to be too high for the awning to withstand.

Like all our awnings, the Bobcat awning is CE tested and is crafted using corrosive resistant materials and coatings.

Businesses can take advantage of our signwriting service which allows you to have your logo and/or text printed on the Bobcat awning as seen in the images above. Printed awnings are perfect for shops and cafes wishing to reinforce their branding and stand out from the crowd, particularly on a busy high street.

Made in the UK
Bobcat patio awning
The Bobcat awning is suitable for shops & garden patios
Bobcat Awning End Fix
Bobcat is an end fix awning with strong, sturdy bracket fixture
Bobcat Awning Design
The Bobcat blends quality and strength for a beautiful, durable install