Cheetah Awnings

The Cheetah Awning is the least expensive of the Sovereign Awnings range of patio awnings and commercial awnings.

Constructed from only the finest materials in the United Kingdom, the Cheetah is a folding arm, non-cassette awning which can be operated both manually by winder or electronically using a switch or wireless remote control.

Cheetah awnings are available up to 6 metres in width and anywhere from 1.5 metres to 3 metres in projection.

The awning can be pitched between 0° and 60° allowing for optimum sun protection when in use

Wind sensors are available as an optional extra and are highly recommended. Wind sensors can detect vibrations and will auto retract the awning if the wind levels deem to be too high for the awning to withstand.

As the Cheetah is a non-covered, non-cassette awning, Sovereign Awnings can also provide a rain pelmet cover that will help to protect your Cheetah awning system from the elements when retracted and not in use.

Like all our awnings, the Cheetah is CE tested and is crafted using corrosive resistant materials and coatings. The Cheetah also comes with a 5 years guarantee.

If you're looking for a stronger non-cassette awning for larger patios and commercial use, take a look at the Jaguar awning.

Jockey Rollers

Our Cheetah awnings are available up to 6 metres in width but if you require awning coverage of a greater width, we can fit several Cheetah awnings next to one another to create one large awning. Our Cheetah awnings are specifically suitable for this purpose over our other awnings due to its compatability with jockey rollers.

Jockey Rollers bridge the gap between the adjoining awnings to ensure there's no gaps between them, creating an almost seamless giant awning. The advantages of using jockey rollers is to prevent rain weater or sun rays from seeping through the gaps that would exist without the use of jockey roller with two or more adjoining awnings.

The Jockey Rollers are attached to the awnings so when you use a remote control to open the awning, the jockey rollers also open too.

Cheetah Awning
Cheetah Awning non-cassette system closed

Cheetah Awning Valance
Cheetah awning with a valance

Made in the UK